Simmons BeautySleep Siesta 3″ Memory Foam Mattress Review

Simmons BeautySleep Siesta 3" Memory Foam Mattress Review

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Finding your bed mattress not comfortable enough for sleep? Is the mattress too hard or too soft for your liking? There is no need to go and buy another bed mattress.

One can simply use an additional layer of cushion to address your problems in the form of a mattress topper such as the Simmons BeautySleep Siesta 3″ Memory Foam Mattress.

Features of the Simmons BeautySleep Siesta 3″ Memory Foam Mattress:

  • Lightweight mattress
  • Memory foam mattress topper
  • 3 inches thick
  • Combination of comfort foam and memory foam
  • Twin size
  • Can be rolled into 12 inches diameter
  • Hassle-free transport
  • Compact storage
  • With nylon carrying bag
  • With ultra-plush and removable cover
  • Machine washable cover
  • Item weight: 11 lbs.
  • Product dimensions: 75 inches (L) x 31 inches (W) x 3 inches (H)


Buying the Simmons BeautySleep Siesta 3″ Memory Foam Mattress would give its owners several benefits and advantages. For one, this particular mattress topper is memory foam and comfort foam rolled into one.

With the material of the mattress topper alone, one would feel the instant comfort and support. The memory foam is well known for its body-hugging features, which means that the topper is able to follow the natural shape and posture of the body.

By so doing, those who are suffering from conditions such as muscle and joint pain would find relief because of the additional support and lessened pressure this mattress topper provides.

The portability of this mattress topper is also something that makes this product a must-have. It can be easily placed on top of a mattress or even on the floor when additional sleeping space is needed.

It can be brought anywhere and anytime. Another thing that makes transportation of this mattress topper easy and convenient is the fact that it can be rolled up.

Some mattress toppers would disintegrate if you tried to roll them up but this is not a problem with this particular product. It also helps in the transport and portability that this mattress topper is lightweight at just eleven (11) pounds.

This mattress topper comes in twin size so there is more sleeping room for everyone. It is three (3) inches thick and would really add a layer of comfort while using it.

Whether it is used as a complement to a bed mattress or a stand-alone sleeping material during sleepovers, camping, or playtimes, this mattress topper is the perfect sleeping or cushioning material to have at arm’s length. The mattress topper is also easy to store and will not take so much storage space due to the fact that it can be compressed and rolled up.

Finally, this particular mattress topper comes with a carrying bag that makes transportation of the mattress topper easy and hassle-free. When rolled up, it’s as small as twelve (12) inches in diameter. This makes this mattress topper a perfect candidate for outdoor use such as camping and outdoor sleepovers.

Also, the cleaning and maintenance of this mattress topper is hassle-free for it has a plush cover that can be removed anytime. The mattress topper is also well protected from stains and other harmful elements. Furthermore, such ultra-plush protection is easy to clean as it is machine washable.


The Simmons BeautySleep Siesta 3″ Memory Foam Mattress also has some disadvantages to take note of. Some of the mattress toppers provided were thinner and not exactly three inches thick. Some would find this a major problem, especially those who preferred thick foam.

The thinner foam would be a significant issue when used as a stand-alone mattress or placed directly on the floor, but it could be a minor problem if placed on top of a bed mattress.

One should also expect that this mattress topper is not entirely made of memory foam as it is a combination of both memory foam and comfort foam. Hence, this mattress topper is not purely made of memory foam and the full attributes that can be expected from memory foam cannot be expected from this mattress topper.

To be sure, this particular mattress topper does retain some of the supportive and figure-hugging features of a memory foam, though. However, from the price of this mattress topper, 100 percent memory foam construction cannot be expected.


The Simmons BeautySleep Siesta 3″ Memory Foam Mattress may have several issues that interested buyers should take note of first before buying the mattress topper. Some would find them a major problem while others would see them as minor issues.

Either way, for the price one has to pay for to get this mattress topper, buying this particular product is an asset. The topper has a lot of features to offer and its portability makes it a bonus feature.

If one is looking for a nice mattress topper to start with, this is definitely a product to consider.

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