Home Sweet Home Dreams Mattress Topper Review

Home Sweet Home Dreams Mattress Topper Review

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There are times when a simple bed mattress is not enough to give comfort to one who is sleeping on it. There are times when other mattress items are needed to give maximum comfort to the sleeper.

When this happens, then a good old mattress topper can complement and provide the additional comfort and support that a normal bed mattress cannot provide. Boost one’s bedtime comfort with the help of the Home Sweet Home Dreams Mattress Topper.

Features of the Home Sweet Home Dreams Mattress Topper:

  • 100% super soft microfiber or fiber polyester
  • Imported
  • Queen size
  • With attached anchor bands
  • Hypoallergenic fiber filling
  • With down alternative filling
  • Well stitched into baffle box
  • Gusset baffle box construction
  • Item weight: 8.8 lbs.
  • Product dimensions: 60 inches (W) x 80 inches (L) x 2 inches (H)
  • Machine washable


When it comes to comfort, the Home Sweet Home Dreams Mattress Topper is a leading mattress topper brand that makes it a priority. This particular mattress topper has many features to offer that makes additional comfort possible and achievable.

One of its many features is its 100% microfiber construction, which happens to be ultra-soft and super comfortable. Relaxing into the mattress topper is also possible with the help of this mattress topper’s down alternative filling. The filling works to properly cradle the weight and natural curvature of the body.

Loft or height is also not a problem with this mattress topper for it has gusset baffle box construction that will maintain the loft of the mattress topper.

Furthermore, the baffle box construction of the mattress topper makes sure that the down alternative filling is equally distributed throughout the product so that maximum comfort can be achieved. The stitching of the baffle box was made so that shifting of the filling is prevented.

To add, this particular mattress topper comes in queen size. With such wide dimensions, it can accommodate many occupants whether it is placed on top of the bed mattress or directly on the floor or another hard surface.

One of the edges of this mattress topper has over other mattress topper brands is the fact that it has anchor bands. Most mattress toppers are simply rested on the top of a mattress without any security so there is a big tendency for the mattress topper to be misplaced or be placed out of its position whenever there is movement.

However, this is not a problem in this case as this one’s secure the mattress topper in its proper placement despite the movements of its occupants.

In addition, this mattress topper can be used together with a mattress pad in order to augment the comfort level of its users.  Finally, for those who have sensitive skin, this is mattress topper that one should go for thanks to its hypoallergenic filling that will likewise add up to more comfort for its users.

Cleaning this mattress topper is also easy because it is machine washable so maintenance is not very stressful.


The Home Sweet Home Dreams Mattress Topper is not only about benefits and advantages for it also has its fair share of cons and issues that all interested buyers should be aware of. One of the downsides of this mattress topper is the fact that it’s only two (2) inches thick.

Two inches of thickness may not be thick enough, especially for those who are looking into a mattress topper to add a cushioned layer to their bed mattress. This thin mattress topper may not assuage the discomfort brought about by the bed mattress that the mattress topper is trying to cover.

Furthermore, there is a tendency for this mattress topper to hold body heat, not good during the warm or humid season because it does not have a cooling effect that the body would need. Such a case would not make this particular mattress topper an item that can be used for all types of seasons and weather conditions.

The mattress topper provides a soft feeling to its users, but due to its thin cushioning, the soft feeling almost cannot be felt by some. There are also times that the fluffiness of the mattress topper disappears after it has been cleaned and washed.


The Home Sweet Home Dreams Mattress Topper has its own share of pros and cons, but when both are being weighed and compared against each other, this mattress topper is nevertheless a nice item to have at home.

This mattress topper will not probably work well when used individually or placed directly on the floor, but it is good enough when used as a complement to a bed mattress. Also, for the price one has to pay in acquiring this product, this mattress topper is worth every cent and more.

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